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2007 NEWS

Appraisal Studio Version 4.08 (Service Pack 08) Released - September 2007

* Changed GreenLink Logo to Wachovia Logo on the Desktop Valuation Analysis (Wachovia) (12/06)
* Fixed ERC comparable comments to move with the comps when rearranging comparables
* Fixed duplicate comparables from going into the comps database in certain situations
* Changed '(eff)' to '(pending)' on sale dates in comps database where applicable

inRoads 5.3 Update Released - June 2007

* Added USA-State-County Map Panels
* Added X-Key Tape Measure
* Added Loan Number to Location Map Header
* Changed Map Compass

Appraisal Studio Version 4.07 (Service Pack 07) Released - June 2007

* Modifies AppraisalPort process to support Windows Vista
* Modifies DataMaster process to support Windows Vista
* Added Word Document Attachment with Signature (Legal Size)
* Added Word Document Attachment with Signature (Letter Size)
* Added invoice terms field to allow editing the canned terms
* Improved text wrapping of numbers with commas in comment fields

Appraisal Studio Version 4.06 (Service Pack 06) Released - April 2007

* "Can't complete" button added back to Realink Orders, for non-Greenlink Desktops

Appraisal Studio Version 4.05 (Service Pack 05) Released - April 2007

* "Can't complete" button removed from Realink Orders Screen
* Greenlink desktop form contains checkbox at top for "no hit" instead
* Previous update may have removed RapidSketch integration

Appraisal Studio Version 4.04 (Service Pack 04) Released - March 2007

* AppraisalPort 3.6 Compliance
* REALINK DESKTOP APPRAISERS - Greenlink Desktop form now required for Wachovia orders

inRoads 5.2 Update Released - February 2007

* Updated Map Control 2.76
* Improved Address Lookups

Appraisal Studio Version 4.03 (Service Pack 03) Released - February 2007

* Added GreenLink Desktop Valuation Analysis - Version 2.1; 12/06
* Added FNMA 1025 Additional Listings Form
* Enhanced Cover Pages
* Can now copy a report, in addition to cloning
* Fixed Work File 'Add' on Windows 98 computers
* Comp photos are displayed on Comparable Summary view
* Entering Zip Code on Create Report window now finds city/state/county
* AppraisalPort 3.6 Compliance (Beta)
* Added second signature to the cover pages with signature

inRoads 5.1 Update Released - January 2007

* Map Data fix for Cobb County Georgia

Appraisal Studio Version 4.02 (Service Pack 02) Released - January 2007

* Improves Apex Medina integration
* Corrects Image Editor stretching of photos
* Corrects Image Editor support for GIF images
* Corrects reported signature date/time issues
* Corrects storing of Unit Number for the main report list
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