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2006 NEWS

inRoads 5.0 Update Released - December 2006

* New Map Data
* Updated Map Control 2.74

Appraisal Studio Version 4.01 (Service Pack 01) Released - December 2006

* Corrects a problem some users had with cloning reports in version 4.00

Appraisal Studio Version 4.00 (Service Pack 00) Released - December 2006

* Integrates with RapidSketch from
* New columns added to main report list (requires database synchronization)
* Image editor to adjust brightness/contrast, rotate and crop photos
* Digital work file to associate any electronic file with a report
* Optionally insert a timestamp when apply electronic signature
* Updated HUD-92564-CN form (6/06) (HUD Get Home Inspection)
* Enhanced the Appraisal Summary form
* Added blue subject direction arrows to Overlay Library
* Added blue and white 3D stickpins to Overlay Library
* Added new Transmittal Sheet legal and letter size
* Added Lighthouse mapping for USPAP Compliance Addendum (7/06)

Appraisal Studio Version 3.23 (Service Pack 23) Released - November 2006

* Added Additional ERC Comparables (Listings) (2003) Form
* Added revised Administrative Appraisal Review for Single Family Housing (1922-15) (9/06)
* Corrects client selection for billing statements when clients have identical names

Appraisal Studio Version 3.22 (Service Pack 22) Released - October 2006

* AppraisalPort 3.5 Compliance
* New HomeFocus - Reconsideration of Value Response (10/06) form
* Updated Present Land Use report warnings to calculate totals and differences
* Added Land/Site Price/Adjustment Setup Popup to AI Summary Appraisal Report (A1-100.01)
* Corrects missing file, case, loan number after adding new client on the Create Report screen
* Copying an entire comparable with the '=' + comp # keys now copies the street address
* Signature dates and effective dates are removed during cloning
* Moved USDA 1922-14 and 1922-15 forms to residential package and made primary forms

inRoads 4.5 Update Released - September 2006

* Street detail goes out to 90 miles instead of 14 miles
* Added bubble tool tips to toolbars and status bars
* Added ability to store custom user labels
* Added ability to pan map and area zoom without holding down the keys
* Added white space between the two maps when you use the two maps on one page option
* Updated and added some icons
* Land Sales now have there own arrow color
* All message boxes are centered within the parent for window
* Fixed Map Preview from crashing

Appraisal Studio Version 3.21 (Service Pack 21) Released - September 2006

* Updated Default Templates
* AppraisalPort 3.5 Compliance (Beta)
* Added signatures to Environmental Compliance Record Single Family Property Disposition form
* Added Lighthouse mapping for NARAMU Residential Appraisal Review Short Form 2006 Page 1
* Added Loan Number to Invoice (Legal and Letter)
* Added revised Land Appraisal Report (2006)
* Added revised Additional Land Comparables (Sales) (2006)
* Added columns to sort image files in folders when adding to a report
* Added option to print 'tagged' fields for ease of identification during inspections
* Added ability to create new clients and appraisers to the Create New Report window
* Administrator can now disallow all report cloning

inRoads 4.4 Update Released - July 2006

* Added new option to convert labels to uppercase

Appraisal StudioVersion 3.20 (Service Pack 20) Released - July 2006

* Corrects Plat Map transfer to Lighthouse
* Mail sending improved to reduce misidentification as spam

Appraisal Studio Version 3.19 (Service Pack 19) Released - July 2006

* Fixes missing TWAIN photo sources on the main menu
* Lighthouse now accepts more than 3 additional maps and photo forms
* Added new USPAP Compliance Addendum (7/06)
* Added Location Map and Scanned Image (Legal Size)
* Added Scanned Images with Header (Legal Size)

Appraisal Studio Version 3.18 (Service Pack 18) Released - June 2006

* Revised HomeFocus Desktop Valuation (7/06) for new USPAP Compliance
* Revised FEMA Standard Flood Hazard Determination (12/05)
* Added revised RealValue Restricted Use Appraisal Report (7/06) for new USPAP Compliance
* Added Rural Development Adequacy Certification for Existing Properties Thermal Certification
* Create New Report dialog now has a field for Loan Number
* Loan Number can now be optionally printed at the top of each page
* Fixes copy/paste of multi-page WinSketch sketches from one report to another
* Menu option added to edit files containing standard photograph descriptions
* Checkbox X's now appear more boldly

inRoads 4.3 Update Released - June 2006

* Fixed Alternate Addresses crashing
* Added new "Map Color" option in the setup "Color (with white background)"

inRoads 4.2 Update Released - June 2006

* Added "Case Number" to header printing
* Added two new arrow colors "Black" and "White"
* Changed "Black & White" map color to "Grayscale"

Appraisal Studio Version 3.17 (Service Pack 17) Released - May 2006

* Added revised Building Area Addendum
* Fixed missing DataMaster integration menu item

Appraisal Studio Version 3.16 (Service Pack 16) Released - May 2006

* Introduces DataMaster MLS integration on report editor's Tools menu
* New button on status bar allows toggling between two selected pages
* Addendum editor now remembers the last cursor location for data entry

Appraisal Studio Version 3.15 (Service Pack 15) Released - April 2006

* AppraisalPort 3.4 Compliance
* Added additional description lines to the subject photo pages
* Added additional description lines to the 6 photos photograph addendum
* Added comparable listings to Lighthouse mappings
* Updated HomeFocus form revision date
* Corrects new spelling checker removing line breaks from comment fields
* Photo descriptions manually entered no longer restricted in length
* Geolocator maps will now distinguish between sale, rental, listing comps

inRoads 4.1 Update Released - March 2006

* Enhanced draw streets to use 'Z' key for drawing straight lines between point clicks
* Updated 2.70 Map Control

Appraisal Studio Version 3.14 (Service Pack 14) Released - March 2006

* Enables the Can't Complete button for the new Realink desktop with comp photos
* Adjustment Assistant now calculates GBA adjustments on the new Fannie Mae 1025

Appraisal Studio Version 3.13 (Service Pack 13) Released - March 2006

* AppraisalPort 3.3 Compliance
* Beta AppraisalPort 3.4 Compliance
* Added revised HomeFocus form (10/05)
* Updated photo pages to distinguish between GLA and GBA
* FNMA 1004D form is now available as both a primary form and supplemental addenda
* IMPORTANT - Improved spell checking engine (requires re-adding custom words)
* IMPORTANT - Updates Realink products for Realink Appraisers

Appraisal Studio Version 3.12 (Service Pack 12) Released - February 2006

* Beta AppraisalPort 3.3 Compliance
* Added Resume form for Supervisor Appraiser
* Template Manager no longer crashes due to extensive list of forms
* Export Quick Entries from one Appraisal Studio to import into another
* Ctrl-I to insert field contents into Quick Entry now immediately shows the new item
* Locate Subject dialog for flood maps and comps database now show latitude/longitude

inRoads 4.0 Update Released - February 2006

* New Map Data

inCase 1.8 Update Released - January 2006

* Added "Search for Duplicate Files"
* Added "Check for Updates" to the help menu
* Auto Updates can now be turned on/off

Appraisal Studio Version 3.11 (Service Pack 11) Released - January 2006

* PDF printer now available for exclusive use with Appraisal Studio
* Added new AI Reports Form A1-100.01 Summary Appraisal Report - Residential
* Added revised VA Addendum to Fee Appraiser's Report (8/05)
* Enhanced "Main Form" column on the report screen to include form revision date
* AppraisalPort 3.2 Compliance
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