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2004 NEWS

Appraisal Studio Version 2.20 (Service Pack 20) Released - December 2004

* AppraisalPort 2.9 compliance
* Added second signature to text addendum with signature forms
* Added Satisfactory Completion Certificate (FHLMC 442) signed by supervisor
* FannieMae Test 1004 form (November 2004)
* FannieMae Test 1004C form (November 2004)
* FannieMae Test 1004D form (November 2004)
* FannieMae Test 1025 form (November 2004)
* FannieMae Test 1073 form (November 2004)
* FannieMae Test 1075 form (November 2004)
* FannieMae Test 2000 form (November 2004)
* FannieMae Test 2000A form (November 2004)
* FannieMae Test 2055 form (November 2004)
* New FannieMae Test 2090 form (November 2004)
* New FannieMae Test 2095 form (November 2004)
* Fixed farm comparable image forms inserted from database
* Fixed revenue reports in inControl office management system

Appraisal Studio Version 2.19 (Service Pack 19) Released - October 2004

* Correction for the Comps Database in 2.18 also introduced potential for a new error

Appraisal Studio Version 2.18 (Service Pack 18) Released - October 2004

* E-mail links to Tech Support and Programmers added under 'Help'
* Highly unusual subject addresses had potential to crash Comparables Database
* Subject address was not transferring to Home Focus reports ordered by Realink

Appraisal Studio Version 2.17 (Service Pack 17) Released - October 2004

* Added new Subject History Addendum form
* Correction to get address information from the Home Focus form for the main report list

Appraisal Studio Version 2.16 (Service Pack 16) Released - October 2004

* Added new Lighthouse letter and legal invoice forms
* Scanned Image form now accepts multiple scans at one time
* Adjustment to Realink Orders in support of new Home Focus product
* Some users reported Text Addendum lost during cloning
* Version 2.15 caused some data to not automatically calculate

inCase 1.5 Update Released - October 2004

* Added automatic update notification feature
* Added file progress panel to the status bar
* Added more frequent screen refreshing

inRoads 3.6 Update Released - October 2004

* Improved Map Printing
* Added Subject Radius Auto Snap to Height option

Appraisal Studio Version 2.15 (Service Pack 15) Released - September 2004

* Permits printing of Desktop reports for archival purposes only
* Permits sending Desktops in native format to anyone
* Incorporates security fix issued by Microsoft
* Appraiser Seals now transfer to Appraisal Port
* When adding photos to Library, Sony Mavica '411' files are ignored

Appraisal Studio Version 2.14 (Service Pack 14) Released - September 2004

* inTransit now uses property address as e-mail subject line

Appraisal Studio Version 2.13 (Service Pack 13) Released - September 2004

* Added new One-Unit Residential Appraisal Field Review Report (2000) (Test Form)
* Added new Two- to Four-Unit Residential Appraisal Field Review Report (2000A) (Test Form)
* Added new VA Addendum to Fee Appraiser's Report: Client Requirements form
* Added additional "Site" comps for the Uniform Commercial/Industrial Summary Appraisal Report
   - Small Property
* Added additional "Rental" comps for the Uniform Commercial/Industrial Summary Appraisal Report
   - Small Property
* Added additional "Direct Sales" comps for the Uniform Commercial/Industrial Summary Appraisal
   Report - Small Property
* Updated Builder's Certification (HUD-92541)
* Updated Warranty of Completion of Construction (HUD-92544)
* Fixed flood map integration and inTransit for companies whose names include a '&'
* Added 'Client Case Number' as a search criteria in the 'Find A Report' tool
* Updated form descriptions to include form number and revision date
* Reorganized 'Manage Forms' folders to improve the ability to find forms
* Text Addendum now allows specifying line spacing

Appraisal Studio Version 2.12 (Service Pack 12) Released - August 2004

* Added new Small Residential Income Property Appraisal Report (Test Form)
* Added Pre-Foreclosure Addendum
* Tagged fields (F3) remain tagged

Appraisal Studio Version 2.11 (Service Pack 11) Released - August 2004

* Fixes EDI issue after Service Pack 10

Appraisal Studio Version 2.10 (Service Pack 10) Released - August 2004

* Fixes crash due to empty neighborhood database
* Added new Maufactured Home Appraisal Report (1004C) (Test Form)
* HUD 1038v 'Appraisal Field Review' now transfers to Lighthouse
* Form 1025 additional comp pages now automatically receive Subject data

New FormAnnouncement - July 30, 2004

Additional new forms announced from Fannie Mae, including the Manufactured Home
Appraisal Report, Small Residential Income Property Appraisal Report, and more.

Click here to read more!

Appraisal Studio Version 2.09 (Service Pack 9) Released - July 2004

* Now transfers "Date Report Signed" and Supervisor Information to AppraisalPort from subordinate
* Added Lighthouse mappings for the new 1004, 1004B, 1004D, 2055, 1073, 1075 and High Dollar
* Added new Freddie Mac Form 442 Satisfactory Completion Certificate (2/2004)
* Updated Freddie Mac Form 71A Appraisal Report Residential Income Property (4/2004)
* Can turn off the 'Signature Actions' box after making your settings
* BETA AppraisalPort 2.8 compliance

inRoads 3.5 Update Released - July 2004

* Added automatic update notification feature

Appraisal Studio Version 2.08 (Service Pack 8) Released - July 2004

* Added New High Dollar Residential Appraisal Addendum form
* Added Physical Depreciation Popup to cost approach in SRIP form
* Carry Basement SqFt to cost approach section in URAR form
* Subfolders during report cloning now appear as usual
* When adding photos to library 'Capture Again' no longer deletes previous images
* Correction for Garage area being added to total GLA from Apex

Appraisal Studio Version 2.07 (Service Pack 7) Released - July 2004

* New Exterior-Only Inspection Residential Appraisal Report (2055) Test Form
* New Individual Cooperative Interest Appraisal Report (1073) Test Form
* New Exterior-Only Inspection Individual Cooperative Interest Appraisal Report (1075) Test Form
* inDepth Flood maps now transfer to Lighthouse
* Integration with Apex 1.4 corrected to not include Apex's form template
* 'Default font' respected When printing 'Appraisal Request' from inControl Office Management
* Photo Titles in various drop-down selector no longer has last character removed from last entry
* 'VCR-style' controls added to report editor to move to first/last/next/previous page
* Save Neighborhood information through menu option, in addition to being prompted when saving a signed report

New Form Announcement - June 30, 2004

Additional new forms announced from Fannie Mae, including Exterior-Only Inspection Residential Appraisal Report, Individual Cooperative Interest Appraisal Report, and more.

Click here to read more!

Interview With: Appraisal Buzz - June 24, 2004

Recently Appraisal Buzz spoke with Kevin Musick, Managing Director of United Systems Software,
a long-time appraisal software provider.

Read the Full Interview

New Form Announcement - June 4, 2004

United Systems is pleased to announce that Fannie Mae recently released its redesign of the
URAR, the industry's flagship valuation form. The redesign effort was intended to make the
product "more concise" and to address issues uncovered by Fannie's referal of "unacceptable
reports" to state regulatory investigators. The new URAR is also a prelude to redesign of other
industry forms, including the Small Residential Income Property, Cooperative Interest Appraisal,
Manufactured Housing Report, and more.

The new URAR form is available on our Web site here. Other documents are also available.

Click here to read more!

inRoads 3.4 Update Released - June 2004

* Added ability to change “Sale” to “Land Sale” on the property labels

Appraisal Studio Version 2.06 (Service Pack 6) Released - June 2004

* Added Uniform Residential Appraisal Report (1004) Test Form
* Added Definitions, Statement of Limiting Conditions, and Appraiser's Certification (1004B) Test
* Added Appraisal Update and/or Completion Report (1004D) Test Form
* Added Additional Small Residential Income Property Rental Comparables
* Added Additional Small Residential Income Property Listing Comparables
* Enhanced AppraisalPort mappings to better handle certification information
* City now transfers when cloning old report to create a new one

inRoads 3.3 Update Released - June 2004

* Updated 2.52 Map Control
* Added warning when zero proximity shows on the labels
* Fixed default arrow color when question marks are turned into arrows

Appraisal Studio Version 2.05 (Service Pack 5) Released - May 2004

* Fixed compatibility issues with some TIFF image formats
* User option for license vs. certification is correctly saved
* Keyboard shortcut (F4) repaired to open standard calculator
* Repaired calculator hot-keys (Alt-U to insert calculation to report)

Appraisal Studio Version 2.04 (Service Pack 4) Released - May 2004

* Added Multi-Purpose Supplemental Addendum (2003) form
* Added Lighthouse mapping for the Multi-Purpose Supplemental Addendum (2003) form

Appraisal Studio Version 2.03 (Service Pack 3) Released - May 2004

* Tool tip added to display lengthy Quick Entries
* Added ability to print search results in Comparables Database
* Letter-sized Building Sketch now shows proper Apex sketch dimensions
* Resolves Lighthouse integration issue experienced by a small number of users
* Resolves 'City' from Realink Orders/Incoming Order Log not transferring to reports
* Resolves signature issues on multi-page Text Addendum with signature

Appraisal Studio Version 2.02 (Service Pack 2) Released - May 2004

* Added Appraiser Acknowledgement form
* Flood maps now transfer to Appraisal Port/AI
* inTransit logs of report transfers now show time of receipt in addition to date
* Added ability to zoom to Subject latitude/longitude for flood maps and comparables search
* Sketch program area calculations now transfer to ERC Summary Appraisal and Condo form
* Selector on 'Create Report' screen now available to pick from 5 most recent city/state/zip
* Made 'Quick Entries' in Amenities section of Condo form consistent with other forms
* Fix for some users who had no photo descriptions in various places in the program
* While editing Library photos, certain very-similar addresses had not been listed
* Attempting to bring photos into reports from the 'root' directory of a drive had failed
* Mouse wheel movement now causes Quick Entry window to disappear
* TWAIN sources for photos can be updated after Appraisal Studio starts up
* When closing a report, now can 'cancel' when asked to save
* Added several options for dealing with 'age' When inserting comparables from database

inRoads 3.2 Update Released - April 2004

* New map control
* Auto zoom radius only occurs when the furthest comparable or subject arrow is moved

Appraisal Studio Version 2.01 (Service Pack 1) Released - April 2004

* Fixed attempt during saving of newly-signed reports to backup to inCase when inCase not owned

Appraisal Studio Version 2.00 Released - April 2004

* New Comparables Database with inRoads mapping integration
* New inDepth integrated FEMA flood mapping (purchased separately)
* New inTransit allows you to bypass email limitations sending reports (purchased separately)
* New Image Overlays that can be used on any page
* Enhanced "Create New Report" dialog
* Report folders are now grouped on the main report screen
* Resizable "Quick Entry" dialog
* Several other minor enhancements to speed up the appraisal process

Appraisal Studio Version 1.35 (Service Pack 35) Released - April 2004

* Improved auto-update utility for obtaining Appraisal Studio 2.00

Appraisal Studio Version 1.34 (Service Pack 34) Released - April 2004

* New startup file for Appraisal Studio 2.00 update

Appraisal Studio Version 1.33 (Service Pack 33) Released - April 2004

* AppraisalPort 2.7 Compliance
* Updated Environmental Compliance Record Single Family Property Disposition Form
* Fixed Appraisal Status in the inControl Office Management System

Appraisal Studio Version 1.32 (Service Pack 32) Released - March 2004

* Added columns to Send Report and Print Report to eliminate perceived duplicate entries
* Fixed Tracking System loosing status notes when report is signed
* Fixed Tracking System loosing cents when receiving payments

Appraisal Studio Version 1.31 (Service Pack 31) Released - March 2004

* Added Plat Map with Signature (Letter and Legal Size)
* Fixed Photo Addendum not transfering to Lighthouse

inRoads 3.1 Update Released - March 2004

* Updated to work with the new comparables database released with Appraisal Studio version 2.00.

inCase 1.4 Update Released - March 2004

* Updated to back up the new configuration files released with Appraisal Studio version 2.00
* Added an "Output to Text File" option under the File menu to output the file listing to a quote comma delimited text file

Appraisal Studio Version 1.30 (Service Pack 30) Released - March 2004

* Added additional sales comparables for Form 2065
* Final AppraisalPort 2.6 Compliance
* Fixed the Import Migration Utility
* Modified cover page text

Appraisal Studio Version 1.29 (Service Pack 29) Released - February 2004

* New Get a Home Inspection Form HUD-92564-CN (12/03)
* USDA BETA forms formula/form updates
* AppraisalPort BETA for 2.6 Compliance
* Using 'Find A Report' now correctly opens reports in 'Network Neighborhood' folders

Appraisal Studio Version 1.28 (Service Pack 28) Released - February 2004

* New letter-sized Invoice Form
* New Table of Contents, full page, two columns to hold more forms
* USDA BETA forms formula/form updates
* Fixed Lighthouse conversion when Table of Content with photo preceeds Comparable Photographs
* Fixed intermittent failure of copying a report file from one folder to another

Appraisal Studio Version 1.27 (Service Pack 27) Released - January 2004

* Revised BETA USDA form formulas
* Added USDA-specific forms: Plat Map, Flood Map, Sketch Page, Photo Page, Scanned Image Page
* Revised desktop form

Appraisal Studio Version 1.26 (Service Pack 26) Released - January 2004

* Revised desktop forms
* Fixed 'Receive Payment' problem where checkboxes may be disabled

Appraisal Studio Version 1.25 (Service Pack 25) Released - January 2004

* Revised BETA USDA Sales Comparison Approach (Improvement Adjustments) form to match the
   subject form
* Updated the FNC Envelope Uploader from version 7.0.0 to 8.0.3
* Resolved issues related to processing payment in the inControl Office Management System
* Resolved issue related to very large text addendum quick entries becoming truncated
* While dragging Subject exterior photos, titles now default to 'Front View', 'Rear View', 'Street View',
* The Find Report window now remains open after opening a 'found' report, saving the search criteria
* WinSketch integration now clears area calculations from cloned reports with sketches
* Image printing quality can now be selected under 'view/options/forms'

Appraisal Studio Version 1.24 (Service Pack 24) Released - January 2004

* Improved handling of issues reported by Realink automated QC, to target pertinent area of report
* Revised BETA USDA 1922-1 page 5 to become the Subject Building Depreciation Calculations
   instead of being a separate form
* Updated the Form HUD-92564-CN Get a Home Inspection form
* Printing quality was improved for all images
* Resolved losing data when text overflows into Text Addendum

Appraisal Studio Version 1.23 (Service Pack 23) Released - January 2004

* Resolved issue related to Realink automated QC issues not being removed from reports upon
   successful submittal
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