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2003 NEWS

Appraisal Studio Version 1.22 (Service Pack 22) Released - December 2003

* Text Addendum defaults to page size of primary form
* Using CD-RW for Briefcase had continued to return read-only files
* BETA - USDA Farm Forms Update

Appraisal Studio Version 1.21 (Service Pack 21) Released - November 2003

* Added letter size Table of Contents, with two columns to accomodate more forms
* In the Print Options screen, repaired the number of copies selector

Appraisal Studio Version 1.20 (Service Pack 20) Released - November 2003

* Corrected problem to work with Acrobat 5.0

Appraisal Studio Version 1.19 (Service Pack 19) Released - November 2003

* Using CD-Recordable for "Briefcase" documents may result in read-only files upon taking out
   of Briefcase
* Now support conversion of Compliance Inspection Report to Lighthouse
* Now support conversion of FIRREA/USPAP Addendum form to Lighthouse
* Now support conversion of Supplemental Real Estate Owned Addendum to Lighthouse
* User edits to Table Of Contents forms no longer overwritten
* Added Gross Rent Multiplier Analysis form
* Status of Quick Entry window is now saved from one editing session to the next
* Control printing of any or all of Case Number, File Number, Page Number in page headings

Appraisal Studio Version 1.18 (Service Pack 18) Released - November 2003

* New Bank of America 'Home Focus' form has been added
* Corrected problem when dragging a form from one open report to another
* Corrected problem saving 'custom' form names
* Living Area calculations from WinSketch and Apex are now being placed in Market Grids
* Addendum auto-text feature now correctly pulls Lender/Client name from the main form
* Corrected problem with Template Manager/new report contents screen
* Corrected printing problem, specifically printing form image in green
* Correct problem inserting stored neighborhood data, specifically when comments overflow to
* Updated ERC Summary to comply with USPAP

inRoads 2.6 Update Released - November 2003

* Find alternate addresses
* Added Map compass
* Added Proximity rounding
* Added Arrow colors
* Moved initial plotting of labels to go under the arrows and to the right
* Changed major roads to be visible up to 200 miles
* Proximity information is exported even if the proximity is turned off on the labels

Appraisal Studio Version 1.17 (Service Pack 17) Released - October 2003

* Added Freddie Mac 70B form
* Added Landsafe Additional Field Report form, and transfer to Lighthouse v8.5.2
* 1004C now transfers to latest Lighthouse v8.5.2
* Revised HUD "VC Sheet" now transfers to latest Lighthouse v8.5.2
* Single Family Comparable Rent Schedule now carries "monthly rent" to Rental Photos form

Appraisal Studio Version 1.16 (Service Pack 16) Released - October 2003

* Service Pack 15 inadvertently caused 'Scrapbook' tab to not display scrapbook contents

Appraisal Studio Version 1.15 (Service Pack 15) Released - October 2003

* Improved positioning of new "Saved Neighborhoods" popup window
* Appraisal Port integration improved to support two location maps
* Invoice forms now transfer to Appraisal Port
* Fixed 'Quick Entry' box to keep from displaying in non-editing modes
* Fixed importing of area calculations from WinSketch

Appraisal Studio Version 1.14 (Service Pack 14) Released - October 2003

* Support for activePDF Composer, available from United Systems, as an alternative to Adobe
   Acrobat Distiller
* Neighborhood information now saved by project name and map reference for later use
* Company Name could not be entered under 'View/Options' when inControl Office Management
   System is in use
* inControl Office Management improved to automatically insert company information when adding
* Signatures with appraiser seal improved to reduce PDF file sizes
* When dragging/dropping photos, and being prompted to add to Library, the address for the
   photo is now obtained from the report
* HighPerFORM reports with Geolocator location maps were not displaying correctly
* Installing new signatures had incorrectly included 'Administrator' towards user license count
* Warning when attempting to re-submit a report to Realink that has already been received
* Added "Days On Market" fields to market grids on the Restricted Use Appraisal Report
* Additional sales and rental comparable pages for the 71A form
* Additional sales and rental comparable pages for the 71B form

Appraisal Studio Version 1.13 (Service Pack 13) Released - September 2003

* resolved - It is possible that payments received under the inControl Office Management System
   occasionally recorded incorrect payment dates
* resolved - Signing/Unsigning a report could inadvertently adjust its billing history when using the
   inControl Office Management System

Appraisal Studio Version 1.12 (Service Pack 12) Released - September 2003

* Now supports spell-checking in a single field
* Now supports seals with digital signatures
* Adding photos to library not limited to only 10,000 reports in the available report list

Appraisal Studio Version 1.11 (Service Pack 11) Released - August 2003

* Revised HUD-92564-VC (Valuation Conditions) Form (7/2003)
* Revised HUD-92564-HS (Homebuyer Summary) Form (7/2003)

Appraisal Studio Version 1.10 (Service Pack 10) Released - August 2003

* Resolves sketch issue on certain forms with small sketch fields (71A, mobile home, 1007)

Appraisal Studio Version 1.09 (Service Pack 9) Released - August 2003

* Signature and image fields now display a border when they are active
* Better handling/placement of the "Quick Entry" window
* Building Sketch form now handles multi-page sketches from Apex and WinSketch
* Automatic notification when upgrades are available, and view details
* Loan amount from Incoming/Realink Orders automatically placed into report
* Single Family Comparable Rent Schedule automatic ('@') adjustments not shared with sales grids
* Fixed copying Estimated Market Value from primary form to Estimated Market Rent on Single
   Family Comparable Rent Schedule
* Fixed "Receive payment" problem in inControl Office Management System
* Fixed problem during editing of property addresses in Photo Library

Appraisal Studio Version 1.08 (Service Pack 8) Released - August 2003

* Enhanced Realink transfers to report errors back to the user
* Enhanced the photos mode to remember the users last tab position
* Added zooming menu option to the text addendum editor
* Added CD-ROM drives to the briefcase available drives for CD-Burner drives
* Removed red user override from "Conditions of Appraisal" fields in reports
* Improved the == grid quick copy option to work in a completely blank comparable
* Fixed grid automatic adjustments to handle the value zero differently from text entries
* Fixed auto populate photos to correctly populate multiple subject interior photo pages
* Fixed the sketch page to only import the first page from a WinSketch sketch
* Fixed Comps Database to properly respond to window resizing
* Fixed quick entry list rearranging
* Fixed the adjustment assistant placement of the square footage field value
* Fixed the popups to not popup if the field already has focus
* Fixed problems in the mapping address confirmation dialog when editing addresses
* Fixed the insert comps from the database listing when report contained more than 3 comparables

Appraisal Studio Version 1.07 (Service Pack 7) Released - July 2003

* Fixed Realink transfers to recognize if the PDF creation failed
* Improved Realink orders to put the Lender/Client information in reports for users who donít have
   the tracking system
* Improved auto-populate photos to use the newest photos when duplicates exist in the library
* Added Ctrl+= to put an equals sign into market grid fields by overriding the quick copy features

Appraisal Studio Version 1.06 (Service Pack 6) Released - July 2003

* Added revised HUD92564 VC Sheets (3/03)
* Added revised Freddie Mac 1013 (9/02)
* Revised HUD Homebuyer Summary
* Fixed supervisor signing of the 70M Multi-Purpose Supplemental Addendum
* Fixed appraiser signing of page 5 and 6 of the ERC Summary Appraisal Report
* Fixed comparable photo titles when re-arranging comparables
* Enhanced EDI to handle Verizon Users needing authentication
* Enhanced listings to save column widths and sort order
* Added warning if user creates Realink specific form without using the Realink Orders leaf

Appraisal Studio Version 1.05 (Service Pack 5) Released - July 2003

* Various form revisions
* Enhances security support for Adobe Acrobat 6
* "Find a form" now available in the "Manage Forms" screen
* Right-click menu added to the Addendum Editor
* Added more "auto-text" values in Addendum Editor for inserting form data into addendum
* Various screens with data in columns now save column order and width settings for each user
* Various minor bug fixes

New United Systems Software Company website launched - June 2003

The completely redesigned is launched, providing appraisers with a new
source of information regarding Appraisal Studio and the rest of the United Systems Software
Company's appraisal software solutions.

Appraisal Studio Version 1.02 (Service Pack 2) Released - June 2003

* The final non-preview release of Appraisal Studio is made available to the public

AppraisalStudio Preview 1.1 released - May 2003

* Appraisal Studio's first update was available via our website. It contained fixes and further
   enhancements based on preview customer feedback.

AppraisalStudio Preview 1.0 released - February 2003

* A limited number of HighPerFORM customers were selected to install and evaluate Appraisal Studio

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