Appraisal Studio 5.13
Innovative Form Filling Solution
inCase 1.9
Integrated Online Backup
inRoads 5.4
Integrated Location Mapping
inDepth 1.0
Integrated Flood Mapping
inTransit 1.0
Integrated Report Delivery
RapidSketch 2.0
Integrated Sketching
Apex (Medina/Nexus) 4.0
Integrated Sketching
AppraisalPort 3.8
Integrated Data Transmission
Lighthouse 8.6.2
Integrated Data Transmission
Integrated MLS Data Importing
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Are you frustrated by missing deadlines only because reports you conscientiously submit in a timely fashion are rejected due to size limitations on the receiver's end? Are you frequently bothered by clients who claim they never received the reports you sent to them? inTransit was developed with
you in mind. inTransit allows you to send over-sized reports to clients with small mail boxes.
inTransit also tracks the date and time that clients download reports.

  • Solves the problem of delivering very large reports - the only real limitation is the speed of your internet connection!

  • Unlike traditional e-mail where it is difficult to confirm receipt, inTransit keeps and updates a log of when recipients download the reports.

  • Supports transfer as an Adobe PDF file as well as in the native Appraisal Studio format.

  • With the peace of mind you'll attain from using
    inTransit, you'll want to use it for all of your
    report-delivery needs.

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