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Integrated Sketching
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Integrated Data Transmission
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Interview with Kevin Musick, of United Systems Software Company.

Recently at Appraisal Buzz we had the opportunity to speak with Kevin Musick, Managing Director of United Systems Software Company, a recognized leader in the appraisal software industry. United Systems has over twenty years of experience in building solutions for appraisers, by working closely with appraisers in the field to influence innovation and design, United Systems software has become well known for its functionality and practicality.

Buzz: I understand that your company has released version 2.0 of its Appraisal Studio product. For anyone who may not know, where did Appraisal Studio come from and what has changed in the latest version?

Kevin: Appraisal Studio is United Systems’ flagship software for residential, commercial, and agricultural appraisers. Its predecessor, HighPerForm, was designed in 1997, and while still newer in architecture than many competing appraisal software products, we felt the need for a technological renovation of the product line. Thus, we released Appraisal Studio about one year ago, and version 2.06 is our latest. This version contains flood map integration, a complete rewrite of our comparable database that can plot graphically the proximity of selected comparables, the new Fannie Mae 1004 form and many other productivity enhancements. Of course, we integrate with many industry partners, including Apex, WinSketch, Lighthouse, AppraisalPort, GeoLocator and others. The result is an innovative, next-generation platform that should make any appraisal office immediately more productive.

Buzz: What type of response have you had from customers?

Kevin: It has been overwhelmingly positive. We are very pleased at the response from people who are not currently our customers. Having been in the appraisal software business for 12 years, I am confident this product is the most comprehensive, and usable the market has seen. We have been inundated with referrals and testimonials. Certainly I am biased, but I literally cannot imagine an appraiser preferring any other program.

Buzz: You seem confident in this new release. Many appraisers, however, have already made an investment in software. Do you think it’s realistic for them to change?

Kevin: I believe with Fannie Mae’s recent major revision to the URAR, this is an opportunity for business-minded appraisers to invest in a new product if they are not content with their current appraisal software. That said, I believe that it is our integrity and dedication to customer service that has allowed us to build solid client relationships throughout our twenty-year history. Our goal is to maintain long-term partnerships with our customers.

Buzz: Are there any other enhanced products you’re working on?

Kevin: Yes as a matter of fact there are. Appraisal Studio comes with a comprehensive supporting cast of software tools – inDepth, inRoads, inHand, inTransit, and inCase. As an example, inTransit is a new service designed to remove the file size limitations that can cripple email as an appraisal delivery mechanism. Appraisers use inTransit to transfer files to clients without the use of email, and at a glance can see when the client has downloaded reports.

Buzz: That sounds interesting. Do you have demonstration copies of the suite of Appraisal Studio software available, and whom should people call if they have additional questions?

Kevin: Demonstration copies of the software are available on our Web site,, and can be used without any restrictions for 30 days. Appraisers can contact us at 800-969-8727 with any questions.

Buzz: Kevin, it has been a pleasure speaking with you. I wish you the best of luck with your latest product innovation.

Kevin: Thank you.

Joan N. Trice, SRA
Allterra Consulting Group LLC
7721 Five Mile Road, Suite 172
Cincinnati, OH 45230

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