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inCase 1.9
Integrated Online Backup
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Integrated Report Delivery
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Integrated Sketching
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Integrated MLS Data Importing
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The Gartner Group asserts that 75% of small businesses have no recovery plans. Two of five
companies hit by large disasters go out of business within five years.

Network Associates reports that there are over 53,000 known computer viruses in the world. In
fact, 99.67% of companies responding to the 2000 Computer Virus Prevalence Survey reported
at least one virus encounter in the last 12 months.

The rate of infection in PCs has been nearly doubling each year since 1996. The LoveLetter virus
had more than 40 variants, and the reported damage estimate of that virus alone was over $10

Sadly, most appraisal and mortgage companies don't have the system backup facilities to
withstand even small service interruptions such as a disk drive failure or computer virus attack.

United Systems Software, a pioneer in appraisal technology, has introduced inCase, an
online backup system that stores documents remotely at United Systems' data center in
Tempe, Arizona. Files are transferred via the Internet either individually, as a group, or
using the company's scheduled backup capability. inCase can be run as a stand-alone
application, but also integrates directly into Appraisal Studio, United Systems' flagship
appraisal software. Other integrations are pending. All files are completely encrypted
with rock-solid, industry standard security technology to avoid tampering or interception
by unauthorized parties.

inCase can safely store your appraisal reports, software settings, and any other information you
deem important for your business. It's a perfect tool for disaster recovery or just exchanging files
between branch offices.

Unlike traditional backup mechanisms, there are no devices to install, configure, and monitor for
trouble. All you need is an Internet connection, something you undoubtedly already have. You
get the advantage of an enterprise-class storage facility, with no complex installation and
administration, for pennies each day.

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Latest Program Update

To get the latest program update, click the link below then choose "Open" or "Run".

If you are running inCase in a network environment, remember to run the update
from each computer using inCase as each system must be updated independently.

inCase 1.9 (1.03MB) Used to update version 1.0 through 1.8 to version 1.9.


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