Appraisal Studio 5.13
Innovative Form Filling Solution
inCase 1.9
Integrated Online Backup
inRoads 5.4
Integrated Location Mapping
inDepth 1.0
Integrated Flood Mapping
inTransit 1.0
Integrated Report Delivery
RapidSketch 2.0
Integrated Sketching
Apex (Medina/Nexus) 4.0
Integrated Sketching
AppraisalPort 3.8
Integrated Data Transmission
Lighthouse 8.6.2
Integrated Data Transmission
Integrated MLS Data Importing
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    Thank you for your interest in the Appraisal Studio Demo. Please select the type of
    installation from the options below that best fits the needs of your appraisal office.

    The demo is good for 30 days from the first time you open the installed software.

    Please feel free to contact a United Systems Technical Support Technician if you
    have any questions or comments about the Appraisal Studio demo.

    Version 5.13 (Vista Compliant)

    If you are currently using Appraisal Studio ver 4.08 or earlier,
    you MUST update to ver 4.09 BEFORE installing the new ver 5.

    Download the Appraisal Studio Demo (41.4MB)

    Installation instructions

    To request a copy of the Appraisal Studio Demo on CD, please contact
    a United Systems Software Sales Representative at (800) 969-8727.
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