Appraisal Studio 5.13
Innovative Form Filling Solution
inCase 1.9
Integrated Online Backup
inRoads 5.4
Integrated Location Mapping
inDepth 1.0
Integrated Flood Mapping
inTransit 1.0
Integrated Report Delivery
RapidSketch 2.0
Integrated Sketching
Apex (Medina/Nexus) 4.0
Integrated Sketching
AppraisalPort 3.8
Integrated Data Transmission
Lighthouse 8.6.2
Integrated Data Transmission
Integrated MLS Data Importing
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It is recommended that customers with current support contracts obtain their free software
updates through the automated update process built into Appraisal Studio. This is normally
the safest and fastest way to keep your copy of Appraisal Studio current.

If you are connected to the Internet at the time you start Appraisal Studio, you should be
receiving notifications whenever updates become available. Certain virus scanners, firewalls,
or other security mechanisms may prevent these notices, however you can manually check
for updates by clicking either the "Update your Software" under the "Quick Actions" on the
left side of the report screen, or go to "Tools/Get The Latest Update..." on the menu. You
may be prompted for the Administrator password, and you will be advised that there should
be no other persons using Appraisal Studio during the update process. If any updates to your
current version exist, a screen will appear allowing you to begin the download process. Once
downloaded, the updates will install themselves automatically. In client-server environments,
all client machines will be automatically updated the next time each client logs on.

(800) 969-8727 Sales - To renew your support contract, or to discuss other means for obtaining
the latest updates, contact our sales department.

(800) 241-4756 Support - If you are not receiving the software update notifications or are having
trouble completing the update process, please contact our support department.

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